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It's time to start making music lovers and insiders drool with a taste of what's to come. RoadSound is a collaborative syndicated content management system for the music industry and its fans. We make the way you interact with online music content so efficient, so accurate and so unbelievably easy, you'll cry.

RoadSound helps you manage your information. A long time ago we wanted to create the definitive, kickass music site that listed every concert and recording you could ever think of. For years we tried-- and failed. Why? Because while music information on the Internet is abundant, it's often contradictory, unverified, and largely unreliable. We realized that in order to build the site for fans we wanted (and as fans ourselves), we first had to develop a site with the tools the industry needed.

RoadSound's patented content management and syndication system is the first of its kind. RoadSound is the first online syndication service designed for the recording industry to help professionals manage their campaigns, websites and online profiles. We've been working with the industry since 2004 trying to fine tune their requirements, launched our first semi-public beta trial in early 2006, and followed with a stable beta in Mid 2006.

RoadSound was founded on a simple premise- you shouldn't be promoting the hot social network or music site of the moment, you should be promoting your own talent. We've been advising bands, labels, booking agents, venues and promoters for decades in digital media. We know that social networks or apps come & go, and professionals should focus their time + energy + resources on promoting their own space -- not ours or anyone else's. When we first started telling artists and agents "You should be promoting your (own) space" , everyone laughed. Now, everyone is listening.

RoadSound is not a music fan site. RoadSound is a syndicated publishing and content management system for Music industry professionals. We generateĀ and syndicates public information to social networks, apps and fan-sites from your daily workflow. RoadSound offers you a platform to manage and standardize information about your artist/label/roster as you exchange tasks and resources with your industry partners. We then take the bits of this workflow that the public wants, and syndicates it across the internet.

Simply put, RoadSound helps bands, labels, booking agents, PR firms and venues work together more efficiently. RoadSound gives you simple web-based tools to help you work in sync with one another. Instead of the endless emailing and faxing of information back and forth, and then manually updating each of your sites, RoadSound gives you a central workspace that allows you to collaboratively enter and approve information quickly and simply. The information is then categorized, standardized, formatted and syndicated across your websites and third parties-- automagically. Essentially, RoadSound acts as a 'black box' for all your PR info: you toss in tour dates, PR links, clippings, etc.-- and we organize and syndicate it onto each of your websites, your social network profiles and to the music blogs and media outlets who need timely and verified information to write about. You only need to enter (or approve) information once-- our systems do the rest, seamlessly updating your web presence with up-to-the minute news, data and dates. Our systems meticulously track who enters what and when, and give you the opportunity to create custom information feeds with different isolation levels. For example: As a band, you may want to let your label push information directly onto your website without needing your approval first-- but if you're an exec at the label and the legal department insists you review everything except for live concert dates: no problem, RoadSound lets you do that too. The end result is an authoritative music website that every eager fan (or search engine) looks to as a precious resource for artist information with up-to-date, verified content.

Why build a new social network when we can build an infrastructure to better deliver content to existing ones? Our primary concern is content management and syndication of industry verified data. We believe STRONGLY that the best source of information and promotion for an artist, label or venue is their own official website. RoadSound gives professionals tools to better manage their own sites, and syndicate that content across the Internet-- onto blogs, press releases, social networks, etc. Internet users are fickle-- today's hot social networking site is tomorrow's distant memory. Instead of locking your campaign into a single site, we help professionals center their campaign around your act and syndicate that news-breaking information so users can interact with your content through any site or network they please, translating to a broader reach for your consumer. And as a fan, no matter what network you prefer-- MySpace, blogs, Tribe or LiveJournal-- Roadsound ensures you get accurate and validated info on all your favorite music.

A better source of information. Online music sites are a mess-- large companies sell and syndicate track listings and generic reviews laced with PR speak that they compile as editorial content-- and discriminate fans realize they're biased and have the wrong facts. New music startup sites now let fans contribute music info-- provided one of the information brokers catalogs it or Amazon sells it-- and you're supposed to trust user-submitted content by anyone with a computer and an opinion as fact? Live event databases are also driven by user submissions (which are unverifiable, and often wrong) and web spiders that either don't get things right the first time, or don't update their postings enough to find important changes like cancellations and postponements. Instead of just creating better ways to interact with existing information, RoadSound is establishing a better source of information to interact with. Our industry product is an invaluable, kickass toolset that makes it easier to promote your artists by blanketing every website out there, and as a fan our user product is everything we always wanted but no one made. RoadSound is what music executives, bands and fans have been dreaming of- quick, easy, and reliable information from those in the know.

Your Public Relations: Consolidated. Your Business: Streamlined.
We've spent years analyzing and profiling online promotions and public relations. We understand your business, the market, and technology needed. We know how to make your online operations better, faster, and more far reaching. We've developed the definitive syndication solution for content providers. With a few clicks you can enter and verify content, syndicating it to end users, websites, and publishers across the internet. RSS feeds, social networks, blogs, you name it! RoadSound is what you've been waiting for.

What's in the box? Everything you expect in web 2.0: True information syndication and portability, widgets, APIs, web services, hook-into-online-accounts, social features, cell phones, XHTML1.0 strict compliant, microformats, blogger tools and non-evilness abound. Get into the box with stuff for fans, and tools for bands.

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